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Being a lawyer is bad enough. Being a snakebit lawyer on the mends is tragic, or funny, or more, or less an interesting story of what its like to be the victim of a rattle snake bite

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Snakey Western Culture

Maybe it all started with Adam and Eve. Thrown out of the garden of eden, the evil snake is destined to forever slither on its belly. (If the Gnostics were right, though, the snake was not a seducer but in fact liberated Adam and Eve from the garden so they could become truly human.) What was St. Patrick's claim to fame ? Driving the evil snakes from Erin. If they're not evil, we tend to think of our serpentine friends as dreadful, slimy, and always dangerous.

What occurs to me, physically recovered from the rattler's attack but obviously not yet mentally or spiritually comfortable with the experience, is that snakes are not inherently evil, dreadful, or even necessarily gross. And as we discussed before, snakes alsoare not necessarily males (even though I'm always asked, "Where did he bite you? or "Did you kill him?') In some cultures, snakes can even be cool and female. Native American cultures do snake dances and other forms of snake worship. Hindu mythology includes stories about snake people, etc. that make the little fellers downright fun and friendly. Buddha learned his most important lessons from, you guessed it, the king of the snakes, the cobra. But enuf of that.

What about snakes and golf? No connection you say? boff !!! Now let's face it, golf is not a macho sport compared to football, rugby, boxing, wrestling, etc. Knickers and tea time v. blood and guts. My theory is that to turn up the testosterone, golf product producers and even golf courses appropriate the snake not unlike the new Americans rip off stereotype labels of the first Americans like redskins, braves, warriors, etc. The significant difference is for various reasons, its politically correct to misuse snakes. The leaders are Cobra and Snake Eyes, two companies with a wide range of snake inspired products but perhaps a generic golf club cover like this stupid one is more to your liking?----------------------------->


At 8:25 PM, Blogger Alana said...

hey mr obsesso! what happened to you and hating snakes!? remember that gardner snake i insisted i needed from the mountains when i was like 8?? you couldn't believe mom let me take it home... but i'm glad you've reconciled your fear of snakes.. kinda not so fun way to do it though eh?
love ya!

ps. i think i need that snake golfcover thingy. only as a hat :D

At 1:36 PM, Anonymous Stephanie Phillips said...


Look at the creatures, don't step on them...! Glad to hear you're up and could have been worse as you well know... Sent your link to many people, a lot of golfers who are thinking twice!

Take up an activity that doesn't bring you so close to the rattlers...ugh!

Later gater, Steph

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